Helpful Observation - #Mindfulness includes areas of awareness that have been shown to result in many personal benefits and advantages in the workplace.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 13, 2018

Wellbeing Terms

Helpful Observation - #Wellbeing terms may become prominent with new measurement scales, research studies, or wellbeing considerations in society.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 11, 2018


Helpful Observation - #Potential may be realized with smaller goals - often when something seemed worthwhile, and large - made more workable and fueled with motivation.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 10, 2018

Digital Wellbeing

Helpful Observation - Digital #Wellbeing has increased in relevance - certain innovations have increased communication via technology and some individuals have reported certain decreases in #wellbeing with large amounts of certain technological use.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 7, 2018

Contextual Areas - Engagement

Helpful Observation - The term #Engagement has been used in platform or interaction contexts as well as in definitional Employee Engagement contexts.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 6, 2018

Organizational Culture - Consumers and Individuals

Helpful Observation - Studies have shown groupings of individual preferences in areas such as pricing, loyalty rewards, and social #awareness.  In considering firms, an evident Organizational #Culture has often allowed values, #purpose, and community connection to be expressed. Even in such instances of commonality, #technological platforms and stakeholders have frequently been distinguished among firms.  With such Organizational Culture, consumers may derive some benefit from exchange and firms may grow organically or seek specialization before further #business analysis is implemented.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 5, 2018

Connection and Engagement

Helpful Observation - Employee #Engagement is a term that may encompass service, connection, and skill within an #organization.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 3, 2018

Potential, Demeanor

Helpful Observation - #Potential is often realized with a really good vision, a really good set of practices, and a really good demeanor.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 30, 2018

Workforce - Tasks, Digitalization

Helpful Observation - Many #workforce tasks have been impacted by increased digital components.  There are certain fields requiring a level of decision-making and human experience distinct from digitalization.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 29, 2018

Organizational Strengths

Helpful Observation - The strengths of particular #organizations may fuel further improvement; improvement often results in efficiency, quality, or distinction.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 28, 2018

Production, trade - Behavior

Helpful Observation - Formal trade agreements and #production levels frequently impact prices - consumers may desire basic goods, yet the availability of certain items may impact consumer #behavior. 

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 27, 2018

Organizations - Plans, Concerns, Topics

Helpful Observation - Overall job skills, programs offering development opportunities, and compensation are important features and #business concerns of #organizations.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 24, 2018

Employee Engagement Measurement - Signification

Helpful Observation - Employee #Engagement measurement provides #organizations the ability to reward for areas of success, a means of seeking improvement - grounds to forecast, develop, and invest.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 23, 2018

Social Wellbeing, Measurement

Helpful Observation - In addition to regular social gatherings or social times, special social events may also be considered in a measurement of social #wellbeing.  Regular healthful levels of social activities and other experiences may provide a depth to one's overall #wellbeing.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 22, 2018

Studies, Gratitude Practices

Helpful Observation - The practice of a quiet #gratitude reflection, even for a few minutes during the evening, has been shown in studies to support cognitive areas such as calmness and #happiness.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 21, 2018

Influencers - "Rules" and "Findings"

Helpful Observation - In research observation studies, there are "rules" or "findings" of success, impact, and achievement.  Many people encounter the 20% rule of influencers, there are also findings of approximately 10%, 5%, 2%, and 1% areas in which certain individuals are significant influencers.  Within #potential, one's wellbeing could be improved by learning, measurement, and a consideration of overall #wellbeing.  With awareness - areas of effort, investment, risk, and study may impact personal decisions or allow a greater vision for our personal lives.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 17, 2018