Roles and Events - Employee Engagement

Helpful Observation - #EmployeeEngagement may involve enthusiasm for certain special #organizational events and the connection with the overall direction of the organization.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 17, 2018

Characteristics of Physical Wellbeing

Helpful Observation - Physical #Wellbeing often includes higher personal energy levels for working on tasks, personal physical resources for work optimization, and at times — levels of quality in certain wellness areas and #cognition for sustained performance.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 16, 2018

Wellbeing Measurement, Levels

Helpful Observation - Measurements of #Wellbeing allow perspective into the practices, views, and objectives on the individual and group levels.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 12, 2018

Value - Community Wellbeing, Benefits

Helpful Observation - Community #Wellbeing often involves some community awareness. A prioritization or combination of planned areas, preserved areas, and fun activities are of value based on the community benefits provided.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 11, 2018

Organizational Culture, Organizational Dynamics

Helpful Observation - In considering #organizational culture or the dynamics of an #organization one may encounter, there may be times to exercise a sound business message of some commonality. There are often areas of development and not necessarily conflict when certain tasks provide mutual benefit to #organizations. The dynamics of some #organizations may seem divergent - in considering the related tasks, some effort and clarity of #organizational objectives may in fact be the redeeming features.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 9, 2018

Potential - Thought, Generally

Helpful Observation - ‘Both’ the contemplation of your personal possibilities and the contemplation of larger areas of #potential, generally - are important.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 8, 2018

Capability, Physical Wellbeing

Helpful Observation - Physical #Wellbeing is important; having a level of achievement in one’s endeavors often involves some physical effort or capability.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 5, 2018

Research Topics, Methods

Helpful Observation - Research methods allow insight and understanding; there are important nuances in the areas of #wellbeing, #workforce, and #leadership topics.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 3, 2018

Organizations, Community

Helpful Observation - #Organizations often utilize internal business process measurements while having some perspective about #community plans and its organic growth and development.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 2, 2018

Potential - Effort; Opportunity

Helpful Observation - #Potential often involves motivation for practical and additional effort. Potential also involves the allowing of an available opportunity in one’s life.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

October 1, 2018

Social Wellbeing, Components

Helpful Observation - Components of Social #Wellbeing include: healthful relationships, enjoyable activities, social connections, quantity and quality of social time, and interaction.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 27, 2018

Connection, Engagement

Helpful Observation - Employee #Engagement, a level of connection in one’s work and with the overall #Organization.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 26, 2018

Perspective, Engagement

Helpful Observation - Personal moments for reflection are often helpful in the perspective needed during basic, routine, scheduled tasks and for Employee #Engagement in #Organizations.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 24, 2018

Potential, Connecting with Vision

Helpful Observation - Practices and a #Vision often help in the Realization of #Potential even in those times where #development may seem jumbled to another. Such times may be opportunities to utilize personal #strengths and instead of focusing on what may not really be jumbled - to connect with the meaningful vision of another. An analysis of personal areas that could actually be improved and determining an effective time to provide a clear message to another, may help in the translation of effort. Any seeming negative viewpoints and improvements could then be translated or transcended into the purposeful endeavor many may appreciate. #meaning #purpose

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 20, 2018