Teams & Beneficial Results

Helpful Observation - Teams may utilize skills (based on perspectives) in certain projects and endeavors to achieve beneficial results.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 13, 2019

Measurements of Wellbeing (Elements)

Helpful Observation - Measurements of #wellbeing may include informal checklists (in some instances) as well as large-scale reports containing quantitative elements.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 10, 2019

Value & Business Practices

Helpful Observation - Sound business practices help the organization and the worker to develop and provide value. #development

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 9, 2019

Employee Engagement & Organizational Strategy

Helpful Observation - Considerations of employee engagement are included in #talent acquisition for some organizations. Within a time frame, considerations of employee engagement may be later factors in the operations and practices of various organizations. #EmployeeEngagement

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 6, 2019

Community Wellbeing (Importance)

Helpful Observation - Community #wellbeing often has its importance in regional history, personal connection, and the availability of opportunities.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 5, 2019

Organizations & Opportunities

Helpful Observation - #Organizations provide many opportunities for individual talents, team functions, and shared vision.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

September 3, 2019

Market Interactions (Opportunities)

Helpful Observation - Opportunities often exist in markets. Connections, organizational improvement, and a variety of goods impact how value is derived from market interactions.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 30, 2019

Purpose & Resoluteness

Helpful Observation - Employee engagement levels in an organization are impacted by connections with purpose and resoluteness. #EmployeeEngagement

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 29, 2019

Consumers & Choices

Helpful Observation - In addition to prioritization consumers may use reasoning or comparison to make effective choices.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 26, 2019

Organizations (Value & Collaboration)

Helpful Observation - Organizations may have started with a seemingly singular product or passion. Market considerations may allow such value to be relevant in the present environment. Business decisions involving nimbleness, product differentiation, or decisions based on #collaboration may be examples of present practices being made in furtherance of earlier inspiration.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

August 20, 2019