Wellbeing Dimensions & Classifying

Helpful Observation - #Wellbeing dimensions have been useful in research and have served to assist with discussions that may involve various disciplines.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

June 14, 2019

Job Skills, Considerations

Helpful Observation - Levels of achievement and a sense of contribution are considerations in the employee #experience.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

June 13, 2019

Digital Products

Helpful Observation - Measurement of #Wellbeing now includes more of the impact of digital products.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

June 12, 2019

Meaningful Tasks

Helpful Observation - Tasks may seem more meaningful with a greater realization of one’s #purpose.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

June 11, 2019

Employee Engagement Measurement, Special Tasks & Performance

Helpful Observation - Where there are high employee engagement numbers measured annually in an organization, there may be a reasonable basis to provide additional forms of measurement. Measurement is important because individuals could be impacted periodically by certain syndromes or tasks. Pressures about performance could exist. From a work perspective, special tasks could be experienced in particular ways by some individuals and not necessarily experienced in the same ways by others. #EmployeeEngagement

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

May 30, 2019

Research, Community Wellbeing

Helpful Observation - Data about certain personal concepts and basic elements of community are parts of overall #wellbeing research.

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

May 29, 2019