Wellbeing - April 2017


Wellbeing Conference (April 2017, Northern Virginia):

What did I experience?

Many of the people I met at the conference were highly active in academic centers at universities.  Others were in the field of consulting.  Others had an interest in learning more about wellbeing dimensions.

What did I learn?

Many people have continued to utilize interdisciplinary work in performing research about wellbeing.  Some areas are receiving greater funding.  Some groups are providing articles, lectures, and other publications about wellbeing.

What did I communicate?

Cognition is important in life experiences.  We have mutual concepts of wellbeing even though dimensions may vary somewhat based on the particular organization or researcher.   (Other areas of discussion: StackhouseAgency.com areas of work).

Brent Stackhouse, MBA

CEO/CVO, Consultancy Firm Manager