Employee Engagement - Retention

Employee Engagement - Retention

By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

CEO/CVO, Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary ● MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC


July 17, 2016

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC has continued to view data and reports about Employee Engagement.  Many discussions in recent months have included widespread reports about relatively low unemployment numbers.  While many people have attained employment, many also consider themselves underemployed.  There are leaders and managers at prestigious or lucrative companies that have discovered numerous perks are required to retain a very talented and well-educated workforce.  Many factors contribute to employee engagement.  With an availability of options for the well-skilled, pay and resources are important keys to employee engagement metrics.  Companies are now distinguished by size, location, resources, and the ability to provide a distinctive impact through prominent players or through a distinctive company purpose.  In the current market environment, the distinguishing traits may provide a dynamism or magnetism surrounding companies.  Employees may enjoy the actual workspace of organizations, the region in which an office or headquarters building is located, and the ability to have meaningful work.  As companies utilize employee engagement metrics, their role in business is clarified and the retention of employees becomes more determinable.


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