By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary

MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC

November 13, 2015


Studies of consultancy in behavior and influence provide prized perspectives for individuals and organizations.  A greater emphasis upon decision-making in life or within business strategy allows for improved outcomes.  An awareness of influence and goal-setting is important to create a more desirable future.  Certain aspects of living are distinctly within the nature of humanity in a society.  Other decisions are derived from available choices or actions altered by the preparation an organization or individual has completed in previous circumstances. 

Stimuli are important in organizational or individual decision-making.  At times a recognition of stimuli allows a proactive approach for the decision-maker.  Such recognition may be striking - clearly distinct from a view of being acted upon without an inclusion of creativity, setting objectives, and defining organizational or individual purpose.  Behavior and influence are relevant topics for strategic growth personally and within organizations.


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