Achievement: Goals & Exchange

Achievement: Goals & Exchange

By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary

MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC

November 13, 2015


Tasks are completed through Skill, Ease, and Determination.  Action of some sort is needed to attain a certain level of achievement.  Many times, achievement takes place as action has been completed.  Input during a period of time leads to a result or output at another time.  In reality, there are some tasks that many people would rather not complete at times.  One approach is to have a level of motivation beyond just easily completed and completely pleasant activities.  Some tasks may be somewhat challenging and not of great interest, yet by giving up the time to complete the task, higher goals may be attained.  The task completion, for a relevant goal, is an aspect of maturity.  Given a set of choices, we may truly desire to complete certain activities and to never complete less-pleasurable, yet important or even necessary tasks.  A level of exchange takes place in such decision-making. 

Means of task completion include collaboration or finding a level of work efficiency.  Another individual may be readily available to successfully complete a task that is of importance to an organization.  That task would otherwise cost more in some way for an organization able to focus efficiently on other current tasks.  An exchange may be appropriate.  Fueling exchange are process efficiencies that are created or costs to reduce unpleasant work activities.  Personally, one may realize:

  • Basic activities in life take place individually and within society. 

  • As a participant in society, one is not constantly living with every single personal desire without others also realizing some desires.

  • Within reason, there are many items that one would rather not have to complete – yet are necessary to have the achievement one truly desires. 

Approaching life and goals in such context, provides an understanding of time-horizons, minor challenges and successes, as well as motivation and business relationships.


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