Ideas in the Marketplace

Ideas in the Marketplace

By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary

MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC

November 23, 2015


Organizations impact select communities based on products, ideas, and processes.  Communities include an array of social communities in addition to geographic communities.  Leadership involves presenting an idea and facilitating the refinement of other ideas impacting a group of individuals.  Some ideas are jarring!  A way of thinking may be quite ingrained-a new concept may present challenges for many people.  Ideas may dramatically improve one’s life even if the very ideas at one time seemed foreign and difficult to grasp.    

At times, ideas may be challenging to implement due to current processes, not necessarily because the ideas are unpalatable.  An organization may provide value to a community with the products it provides or through its activities of production.  Ideas may provide improvement.  A way of thinking may be consistent, yet the means of production, or a product itself may be improved through an idea.  In a market, supply is relevant.  In a market, efficiency and complements may increase with an introduction of ideas – improving the community overall.



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