Well-Being, a Business Mindset & Resolve

Well-Being, a Business Mindset & Resolve

By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary

MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC


December 31, 2015


Is there value in Well-Being? 

Organizations are not alike in every manner.  Objectives, Vision Statements, Senior Leadership, and particular Business Sectors impact the business models of various organizations.  A business mindset at times may initially seem to conflict with many areas in the well-being realm.  ROI, marketing, equity, stakeholders, product launch…and well-being

Actual metrics from a variety of sources have provided examples of many benefits for well-being measurement and implementation.  Well-being is connected with productivity, engagement, various costs, and organizational culture.  Well-being is also relevant in society and not exclusively related with business metrics.  Well-being is definitely about the potential of organizations and individuals.  Well-being may still seem or sound antithetical to ears that may yearn for terms such as business determination, drive, and grit.  Yet, well-being, when measured and studied is found to have connections with such business areas of resolve as well as areas of success and potential in society


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