Leadership & Cognition: A Cup of Thought (Acumen)

Leadership & Cognition: A Cup of Thought (Acumen)

By: Brent Stackhouse, MBA

Consultancy Firm Manager

AB, International Relations, William & Mary

MBA, Management, Troy University

The Stackhouse Agency, LLC


January 19, 2016


Personal development allows a leader to attain the skills and understanding needed for impact.  A leader is often differentiated from others by displaying the traits of:

  • having an openness to learning (humility)

  • possessing the motivation to develop (vigor & resolve)

  • desiring to reasonably inquire (yearning & ambition)

The motif, “A Cup of Thought” allows acumen to be noticeable.  A leader displays particular characteristics that in-part, compose the leadership role itself.  The characteristics are noticeable. However, the contemplation and processes of personal development may not always be as outwardly evident to all individuals. 

Due to the developed characteristics of a leader, acumen is beneficial to others.  Due to the leadership traits related with enduring, accustomed personal development - acumen provides a sustained treasure to the leader.


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